When it comes to powering our automobiles, there are actually many other alternative fuel sources available rather than gasoline. 
Technology has come a long way since Henry Ford first developed ways to process oil to make gasoline so it could power his new combustion engine for cars. 
If you own an automobile of any type, you may want to seriously explore alternative fuel sources – and for many reason!

First, burning fossil fuels – like gasoline – damages the environment. 

The emissions that are released into the air by burning oil-based products – like gasoline and coal – damage the air and the ozone as well. 
Using an alternative fuel source to power your automobile helps to reduce harmful emissions. 
In fact, many alternative fuels – such as fuel cells and electricity – release no emissions at all. 
So when you use alternative fuel sources for your automobile, you are helping the environment in a big way.

Eighty-five percent of all harmful carbon dioxide that is released into the air comes from the burning of gasoline from car engines. 
The carbon dioxide that is released into the air damages the ozone and contributes significantly to global warming. 
When we can reduce that carbon dioxide emission by using alternative fuel sources for our automobiles, we can make a huge difference in the world – not just in our own little part of it!

It’s a truth that we are dependent on foreign oil that we use to produce gasoline. 
Although the United States does have a certain amount of oil that we can use, the fact is that we can’t produce enough to meet the needs of the people. 
As alternative fuel sources are being discovered and developed,
it’s being proven that using these types of fuels in our automobiles make us a self-sufficient nation.

Gas prices are high – there’s no doubt about that! 

One of the reasons is that we need to burn fossil fuels to power our automobiles as they are built right now – at least most of them! 
But when we start to use alternative fuel sources for our automobiles, we are drawing on resources that are right here in the United States. 
And those resources are renewable – like propane, ethanol, and even electricity!

The fact is that using alternative fuel sources to power automobiles is a good choice all-around. 
Not only are we reducing our dependence on foreign oil, but we are helping the environment as well. 
Something as serious as helping improve the world we live in should be taken seriously. 
So explore alternative fuel sources for your own automobile. 
We’re willing to bet that you’ll find out it’s a good choice no matter which way you look at it!